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Employee Awards

Are you feeling creative?

CREATIVE says it all. Our products are unique, one-of-a-kind presentations to uplift and encourage employees or any recipient. All that view the finished product will feel a sense of warmth and that someone really does care about what is important to those who are hard-working, either up-front or behind the scenes. Your interest in them goes a long way. So go ahead, toss out the cold engraved plaques or certificates and add a bit of levity to the day. Personalize your awards of recognition or gifts with our colorful and fun presentations.Call us now to place your order 501-766-5725.

Example or creative awards

Creative Lines, Inc. offers a unique employee recognition award using a personalized caricature of the recipient that showcases their personal hobbies, interests and activities, bringing the award to LIFE! It is NOT the ‘same ole - same ole’ certificate or plaque. In fact, it demonstrates your commitment as an employer that takes a personal interest in what makes the employee tick. Enthusiastic feedback from our clients relate the following additional benefits:

Recipients of our employee recognition awards have expressed excited anticipation of who the next recipient will be as well as delight and enjoyment when they are the recipient. They attribute this to the fact that when compared to a plaque or certificate, our awards tell a story about the person in a colorful and fun way.

Employers who take the time to make it a BIG DEAL by sharing it with all employees through a special presentation or by taking a photo of the presentation and sharing it by newsletter or other company-wide communication, it truly becomes a celebration! Some even go a step further by utilizing our customized Wall of Fame signage to create a display of framed awards with an additional print given to the recipient as a reminder that they are appreciated in a workplace that cares.

Our Clients Say

We have been using CL Creative Lines for years and they are without a doubt one of the best gifts we give to our associates. We have used them for Quarterly Associate Awards, retirements, Monthly Sales Awards and every time they have been very special. I personally have one that I cherish. I also had one made for my husband's 50th birthday. If you need something different and a real treat, you should ask Keith to put one together for you. Very reasonably prices, timely and package excellent.

Janean DeYoung, Vice President, Human Resources Performance Foodservice - Milton's

Every month for 20 years Keith has created a personalized caricature of our Employee of the Month. The unique award is highly coveted in our office, and the pictures are loved by all our employees. We prominently display the last twelve EOM caricatures at the front of our office, and our clients really enjoy stopping to look at our lively wall-of-fame. As the award rotates out of display, it is given to the employee as a gift. It is a fun, unique award that our employees are proud to display! Creative Lines, Inc. has been an incredible morale booster for our company, and I highly recommend their work.

Chris Dunkum, President First Collection Services

The picture (and dinner) was a HUGE success! Everyone (including our SVP) absolutely LOVED the picture! Thank you Keith! You were a delight to work with on this project. Your creativity, professionalism, and expertise is a cut above the rest! You have a talent to take an idea (with minimal instruction / details) and really turn it into something special to be cherished by those who receive it. I look forward to working with you again on future projects and wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to others.

Stacey Baumann, Executive Assistant- SVP Performance Materials BASF-The Chemical Company

I think they are great, I'm glad to see we are doing something different than the boring brown wall plaques, I think they are crew morale boosters. We have had guest who seek out the employee of the month to congratulate them even had one bring a cake for the July winner, the employees love getting the pictures so they strive to be the "chosen one".

Tim Spencer, GM Slim Chickens Independence, MO


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Enjoy the fun! We look forward to adding your company to our ever growing client wall of fame!